Integration means freedom
from worry... and time to focus
on other things.

Payroll peace of mind.


Dedicated, single contact
customer support.

With IPS, you are
never stranded.


Award-winning customer
service, advanced technology,
and flexible product solutions.

There’s strength in our numbers.


IPS 360°: One integrated
platform for multiple
product solutions.

Technology that's ready
when you are.

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The “I” in IPS is what sets us apart – and what enables us to do more for our clients. By integrating advanced, specialized technology with unsurpassed customer support and broad-based experience, IPS delivers the kind of performance, value and trust you want.

Why Choose Us

We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients. The process starts with learning your business and understanding your unique priorities. Then we provide expert single-contact accessibility, so when you contact IPS, you deal with someone who knows you.

IPS provides the most seamless, user-friendly and powerful products on the market, with over 4,000 successful installations nationwide. Our software lets us customize accurate, versatile payroll/HR programs based on your exact business needs.

Our unique IPS 360° concept is an integrated platform of web-based solutions that maximize efficiency to save you time, money and headaches. For example, IPS 360° creates one comprehensive employee record which you can access from anywhere on virtually any device.

Our exceptional technology and unique approach also enable IPS to reduce your investment in payroll and HR management. By giving you in-house functionality with outsourced expertise, IPS can simplify your processes and make them much more cost-efficient.

IPS 360° is of big value, it’s about managing one set of data and making my job easier.

- John Mikusch, Beltservice Corporation