“My IPS system is so easy to use it makes the payroll process much more in line and allows all of us, myself, the managers, and Judi at IPS to accomplish everything as a team.  The service I receive is certainly above and beyond what I would expect.  It’s great to be known by...
NSC logo


“IPS 360° has increased our payroll processing efficiency and flow tremendously.  Employees have the ability to examine how much vacation time they have available to them, which saves the HR managers from needing to do so.  Also, the time-off request feature within the system and...
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Express Mart

“IPS offers a level of client services beyond what anyone would expect.  I have one assigned person to me, not a group of folks where I get bounced around.  It’s so nice to easily get a hold of a knowledgeable person who either answers right then or gets back to me quickly...
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Penta Engineering

“After many years of struggling to get a correct payroll processed with one of your company’s competitors, it has been a pure joy to work with the IPS staff.  In the 20 months since we’ve converted to IPS’s system, every question, issue, or problem that has arisen has been...
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“The IPS Time & Collections System and Instant Payroll Preview have been incredibly helpful to us.  The Payroll Preview being instant allows any corrections to be made well before the payroll is finalized.  It saves both time and frustration from having to fix any possible...
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Wolff Shoe

“IPS and its staff were very quick and responsive to meet our needs regarding our 401K requirements.  This was a very “hot,” urgent issue that we needed help with and IPS not only met, but exceeded my expectations.  Good job.” ~ Tracy Hartman
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“IPS is far more personable and hands on than any other payroll service provider I have experienced.  So different from the bigger guys out there, for I get great responses on any issues encountered.  It’s nice to have the ability to get something done as needed, instead of...
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Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP

“Deciding to switch to a new payroll service provider is never easy.  But after we decided on IPS everything was easy.  IPS is one of the few vendors I can call on and get a response the same day.  If Debbie is not available, she makes sure someone gets back to me.  They are very...
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Mills Properties

“IPS has played an intricate part in ensuring the accurate management of our payroll system.  They help us to manage our payroll administration and are always suggesting new programs and/or approaches to solve our problems and make us more efficient.  We are a growing company and...
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Willows Way

“The system is very user friendly and the people are always willing to help and go the extra mile.  They’re there when we need them.  We just started using IPS’ telephony system (call in electronic time sheets) and it’s made my working life a million times easier.  I used to have...