DEMA Engineering Company

“The IPS report writer is so easy to use and so flexible, it’s beyond what I’ve ever experienced.  I can save a unique report for myself, or one to share with the others in our department, all of which are automatically created whenever we run payroll.  We just love it, because we often get requests from the executives for specific information, and I know the reports are always accurate because the data is pulled directly from the system.  That is quite helpful and impressive, but Janet is simply amazing!  She has made our experience so wonderful and our lives so much easier.  Any questions or any issues we might have, she always has an answer.  She is consistently pleasant, always a professional, and extremely knowledgeable; it seems I can never stump her.  Even today I called her trying to print a check and it wasn’t printing everything…  She knew how to guide me through changing my printer settings so it worked.  She’s always willing to help even when, like in this example, the issue was on my end.”

~ Kim Indelicato

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