Brown Smith Wallace

“The IPS system is so user friendly. In fact, I have to admit I was initially panicked, for it seemed so complicated, but it’s not complicated at all. The reports are totally amazing. I can get reports I previously couldn’t with other payroll systems. I just import and email the report to whomever needs it, which saves me a lot of time scanning as well as saves a lot of paper. Most need different data in their reports, or desire one column of data and not another, but now I can save the report with their name on it and it makes creating current reports for each painless. It’s so easy to figure out. Also, I don’t have to wait a day or two to get payroll totals, as soon as they are finalized I can run the reports for our controller. And the customer service I’ve received is just excellent. Karry has been so helpful and Deb has specially customized accruals we need; it’s really made things so much simpler. I love it.”

~ Julie Foster

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