Bull Moose Tube Company

“Janet is great, and having a single point of contact is by far the most unexpected and widely appreciated aspect.  She will walk me through something, or show me what I need to do.  Janet will often will fix something for me right as I’m on the phone with her.  Understandably projects that take time are placed on her to-do list, but quick fixes are normally done on spot and on the fly, enabling me to do what I need to accomplish.  Granted, there are times she is not in the office or otherwise unavailable, but even the “back-up” support team has been helpful and knowledgeable about or business and our needs.  If they do not know an answer they will say so and find out what is needed, or what to do instead of guessing.  The best part is they really will get back with you.  Beyond the excellent service we’re provided, the system helps us be more efficient with our payrolls as well.  Prior to initiating payroll, we analyze Earning Codes, in addition to monetary amounts and hours.  By checking the earnings codes can we be assured of accuracy.  It’s far more efficient to prevent errors than to correct them, and being able to check these figures in real time as many times as needed is quite helpful to our process.”

~ Gail Trautman

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