Duke Manufacturing

“The reporting process and our ability to easily generate custom reports has made a great impact.  We love being able to pull information from any point or anywhere in our process, since we are a report-heavy company this has been a lifesaver for us.  Also, having a preview of our register has been huge.  It’s important because being able to review payroll before it’s finalized has significantly decreased errors.  Equally helpful is the ability to flag fields for special bonuses, deductions, etc.  Since we used to have three separate systems before using the IPS 360° platform, now having everything in one place has been absolutely amazing.  The ability to customize fields and adding new information to the system is better than we might have imagined, specifically concerning our points usage and tracking.  We have been able to get information way more efficiently than in the past and having all our data within a single database, and we spend significantly less time looking for information.  That is certainly valuable!”

~ Jennifer Britton

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