Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

“Payroll isn’t necessarily difficult, especially with the ease of the IPS 360° system.  Before when I used a larger conglomerate I would sit on hold and wait 30-40 minutes with each call I made for assistance.  Now when I call I get a human being without being on hold forever, I feel like Donna is a part of my team and I can rely on her without fail.  Most times I get assistance right on the spot, but on occasion they get back to me, but I’m hardly waiting long.  Also the fact that employees can change their home address within the system, or they can print out their own past paystub when seeking a new apartment or whatever they need.  It really helps that the employees have tools to handle such basics which saves me the time from having to do it for them.  While the ease of use of the system is a great benefit, knowing that Donna is there to answer any tough questions I might have definitely puts my mind at ease.”

~ Ashley Green

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