“I just wanted to say what a great experience we have had with iPS!!!  From implementation on, the staff at IPS has taken great pains to make sure our company’s payroll needs are being met.  Leslie, Debbie, and really everyone in the office have taken the time to review things with us that are specific and unique to our company, and then find a solution to make it happen.  Any time we needed a setting or code to be tailored to better accommodate and help streamline our company payroll, HR, and/or Time & Attendance, they’ve been more than willing to help us and in turn enabled us to spend less of our time and getting the maximum result.  Everyone is not just knowledgeable, but extremely courteous, nice, sincere, and always puts the customer first! It truly is the staff that will keep us at iPS.  Thanks Ladies!!  (and Guys)”

~ Sandy Munzlinger

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