Mai Lee Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant

“The IPS personnel is attentive and helpful in every situation, they literally handle everything with our payroll.  I simply send the payroll numbers and they enter all the information into the system handling everything from employees to IRS.  Sometimes things come up, and the issues are fixed at the drop of a hat.  This is a huge weight off of our shoulders so we can focus on other important aspects of our fast-paced business.  The employee self-service helps a lot too.  My employees can look up their own information, or they can change their personal information themselves, saving me a lot of time since they no longer have to bother me for it.  The system also runs various detailed reports, allowing me to pull any payroll information I need.  In fact, we built a necessary FICA Tip Credit report that my accountants can easily log into the system and view.  Again, taking less of my time and being less of a worry.  Everyone at IPS has been very friendly and helpful.  They always gets back to me the same day, I never have to wait long, if I wait at all, to get a payroll issue resolved.  They’re just great!”

~ Qui Tran

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