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“IPS has indeed made the complex simple. First, it is great having training and support at a local level, they have been very responsive and it helps to develop a relationship. Empowering us and management to more easily and accurately track floating employees across various locations and varying shifts as well as easily maintaining a point system that tracks tardiness, absences, hours worked, etc.  The IPS system allocates salary costs accurately with little effort, and indicates when disciplinary actions should be taken without our needing to manually examine external lists as had done in past.  Frankly, it surprised us how well the system applied tardiness and unscheduled absences to our “Points” System, it’s awesome.  Also, the ability to process the payroll from anywhere gives us real peace of mind.  When we were in Ireland we were able to approve the payroll and not miss a beat, which was comforting and allowed us to enjoy our trip without worry of how the payroll was handled.”

~ Christine M. Keefe, CPA, CMPE

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