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“IPS has played an intricate part in ensuring the accurate management of our payroll system.  They help us to manage our payroll administration and are always suggesting new programs and/or approaches to solve our problems and make us more efficient.  We are a growing company and IPS enables us to keep up with our fast pace environment and continues to evolve to meet and exceed our needs.  Most importantly, they are always there to answer our questions, no matter how many we may have.  They make us feel like we are their only client and that our satisfaction and understanding is their top priority.  I have never had a member of IPS say “I can’t,” “we don’t do that,” or “that is not my job.”  With them it is always “how can I help,” “do you have any questions,” and “can I do anything else.”  That level of customer service is very rare to find!”

~ Stephanie Simmons

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