“IPS 360° has increased our payroll processing efficiency and flow tremendously.  Employees have the ability to examine how much vacation time they have available to them, which saves the HR managers from needing to do so.  Also, the time-off request feature within the system and employee calendar accessibility easily opens up the line of communication between management and employees.  Employees now have easier access to company documents like the handbook or company policies.  Also, managers have can retrieve employee personal documents such as past quarterly performance reviews and soon these reviews will be done online, saving more time for everyone.  IPS 360° helps me directly as well, since I now have all the time sheet information updated and readily available when I am ready to run payroll.  I do not have to figure out or find missing in/out points, since management has access to the time sheets and can update and correct them immediately – Now it’s a streamlined process and the level of support and service I receive from IPS is simply exceptional.”

~ Chris Vollenweider

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