IPS – Aspire Partnership

New payroll integration focused on one thing: Payroll Peace of Mind

IPS and Aspire have partnered to offer a turnkey yet highly customizable end-to-end payroll and HR solution.
This unified solution is fully integrated with the Aspire software system to reduce the time spent in
administering HR and payroll while improving accuracy. Built for the landscaping industry.

Services integrated with Aspire Software

1Employee Integration
with Aspire

New Hires, Terminations and employee updates (address, rate changes, et cetera) are entered into IPS Payroll and they are sent directly to Aspire.

2Payroll Integration
with Aspire

After payroll is complete in Aspire you simply export a payroll file from Aspire and import into IPS. All mapping has been pre-defined and simply works.

Ledger Integration

After payroll is run you will be able to download a QuickBooks payroll file (or other common Accounting Systems) from IPS containing your import ready GL entries.

4401k Integration

IPS has pre-built integrations with most of the top 401k providers. We send a 401k file containing contribution/ census file each payroll saving you time and errors.

5One-on-One Support

You will have one dedicated contact to support you on your Aspire payroll platform by IPS. We will work with you and Aspire to ensure the overall system is performing as desired.

6Optional Integrated
HR module

You can add HR services like Electronic Employee OnBoarding, Benefits Enrollment, et cetera by utilizing our Enterprise HR module.

7WOTC Processing

IPS offers an integrated Tax Credit processing program to process your Work Opportunity Tax Credits. Your contingency fee would be 20% of approved credits – we do not earn a fee unless we find credits. Often times clients more than pay for the cost of their payroll processing through tax credit savings.

8Payroll Taxes accurately
calculated by work location

In your business, employee’s move around. Sometimes this means they are taxed differently based on where they are working. With the payroll integration with Aspire we have you covered – we will tax earnings accurately based on time spent in a particular tax jurisdiction.

9Workers’ compensation
calculation & reporting

Maintain control and increase visibility into workers’compensation cost. Our reliable reportsuse actual wages for each classification code allowing you unprecedented premium accuracy.

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Aspire Daily Pay Solution


Give your employees financial security and peace of mind by offering
flexible, hassle-free access to their payroll funds.

Aspire’s DailyPay solution enables employers to allow their employees to access a portion
of their earned, but unpaid, net wages ahead of payday.

There’s no effort—or cost—to you, the employer, for the entire program, and
employees pay minimal fees for the convenience.

Now you can provide this valuable benefit to your employees without any additional
effort or tracking of wages borrowed or owed on your part.

Even better, the funds are automatically loaded to the employee’s payroll
debit card—no waiting. It’s a win-win!

Offer the flexibility your employees want with the simplicity you need.

Motivate your current workforce.

According to Forbes, the number one thing that motivates employees is trustworthy leadership. One way to build trust with employees is showing them you have their best interest in mind.

Allowing your employees to access wages early not only gives them more freedom with their finances but also demonstrates your trust in them, fostering trust in return. Employees who trust leadership are motivated employees.

Reduce distracting financial stressors for
your employees.

A recent study revealed that 80% of the US workforce lives paycheck to paycheck. Financial stressors affect more than just productivity—they are a large contributor to absenteeism and tardiness as well.

Retain current staff & attract new employees.

Providing benefits, like advance pay access, that motivate employees and reduce their stress can also help aid retention. Increasing job satisfaction results in happy employees who are more likely to remain with your organization.

Similarly, advance pay access can attract new talent to your company. Today, offering complete benefits packages or special benefits, like early wage access, can help your organization stand out from others.

Provide a valuable benefit—that helps your
employees—at no cost to you.

With Aspire’s DailyPay solution, there are no set-up or recurring fees for the employer. The employee simply pays a transaction fee each time they access their pay early— just $1 per transaction, up to $100 loaded.

And, unlike most other pay-advance options currently available to your employees, there are no hidden fees or interest rates associated with early wage access through the DailyPay solution.

HireCredit Tax Credit Service


Maximize potential employment-based tax credit earnings for your
company in a hassle-free way.

Each year, employers forfeit millions of dollars in federal, state, and local tax credits related to
newly hired employees—approximately 20% of all new hires qualify!

HireCredit is an employment-based tax credit processor that identifies and maximizes credits like the
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and the Federal Employment Zone (FEZ) tax credit.

WOTC is a federal program administered on a state-by-state basis, designed to improve the employment
opportunities for statistically disadvantaged applicant groups including food stamp recipients, veterans,
and persons unemployed for more than 17 weeks.

For each of these groups, employers can earn up to $9,600 in tax
credits, once qualified. Tax credits range from $2,400-$9,600 per new hire.

Even better—HireCredit provides this valuable service to employers on a contingency basis, so there’s
no out-of-pocket cost to the employer. Fees are based on the actual tax savings realized.

Don’t miss out on tax credits related to your company’s new hires.

Achieve your tax credit estimate.

When you take advantage of HireCredit, you’ll be assigned a dedicated tax credit program manager to help you hit your estimated tax credits by strategizing and monitoring results of recruitment, survey completion, and scheduling.

Take advantage of potential tax credits.

With the WOTC program, tax credit eligibility is meant to be taken into account during the hiring process. With that in mind, HireCredit arms you with this information before you hire. And, because new employees must work a minimum of hours before you begin earning the tax credit—and continue to earn from there—you’ll be advised on how to maximize your credits.

Maximize survey completion.

HireCredit provides numerous ways for a respondent to take the survey and closely monitors who has—and has not—completed it. Since surveys drive tax credit volume, you’ll receive advice on ways to encourage completion.

Get insight with ongoing reporting.

HireCredit’s tax credit program managers keep tabs on the latest data to help you capitalize on potential tax credits:

Prequalified Applicants:

Increases potential tax credit earnings by providing you with a list of pre-qualified applicants

Case Summary:

Keeps the process moving forward by generating a summary view of your account (e.g. number of employees, dollars of tax credit earned) as well as the current case state for each pre-qualified hire

Gap Analysis:

Identify individuals who have not been surveyed to help ensure HireCredit is maximizing your potential taxt credit earnings. Individuals who have not completed the survey, according to the gap analysis, are also sent a reminder email.


Working with IPS means you are getting a customized platform built to work with your Aspire software to streamline your operation