Joe Schweppe

Joe Schweppe

President & Co-Founder

Joe Schweppe is a 25-year veteran of the HR/Payroll outsourcing business. During that time he has mastered the ability to help companies improve efficiency by incorporating technology with outsourced services. That is Joe’s professional purpose, and one of the main reasons he co-founded Integrated Payroll Services in 2005.

A graduate of Saint Louis University with a Finance Degree, Joe began his professional career in the HR/Payroll service industry with ADP (Automatic Data Processing). He quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became Major Account Area Sales Executive. His 17 years at ADP gave Joe a vast depth of insight, experience and confidence.

Joe’s vision is to use technology to help companies effectively manage their ever-increasing employer responsibilities – but without losing sight of the need for personal, responsive, high-touch service.

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