Deliver a Consistent and Engaging Onboarding Experience

Don’t let confusing, inconsistent processes; stacks of paper forms; and limited resources make your new hire’s first day not the best day. An effective approach to onboarding can lead to better new employee retention, reduced turnover, and faster time to productivity.


Allow new hires the flexibility to address important items, such as new hire enrollment, with their family in the comfort oftheir home or on the go. An onboarding checklist ensures key includes items to complete such as I9, W4, Direct Deposit, Benefit Enrollment that can be assigned to different users during the process.

You’ve hired the best talent — don’t lose them because of bad onboarding. When selecting technology for onboarding, it’s not just about onboarding new hires quickly to accelerate productivity. A successful onboarding process helps new hires feel welcome and become effective contributors. Kronos Onboarding helps you maintain the engaging employee experience established during the hiring process.



Engage new hires from the start with a streamlined onboarding process.

New hire checklist/welcome/workflow

I-9 submission/sign off/E-Verify

Employee self-service: benefits overview and enrollment

HR document and forms creator (custom forms)

W-4 election/submission

Personal information

Property allocation

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