Put the Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time

Automatically generate best-fit schedules based on your organization’s unique requirements to help control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and drive employee engagement.

Run forecasted versus scheduled coverage reports and use historical volume data to better manage workload for future schedule periods.

Automatically fill open shifts with the right people, based on predefined criteria such as availability, preferences, skills, certifications, union rules, labor laws and more.


Provide optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day with our employee scheduling software

Kronos® labor forecasting and scheduling solutions take the guesswork out of aligning the right talent, in the right place, at the right time. Our automated workforce scheduling solutions, powered by the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of AIMEE™, eliminate manual processes to help ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day. And with more accurate labor forecasting you gain the insight you need to better predict labor needs.

Key Points of Scheduler

Daily, Weekly, or Configurable Recurring Patterns

On-the-Fly Entries/Edits for Day-to-Day Changes

Visibility from Employee Timesheet

Assign Employees to Schedules, or Schedules to Employees

Assign Two Schedules Per Employee Per Day

View Schedule, Location, Department, Job, etc.

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Timesheet Change Requests and Approvals

Our timesheet change request, submission and approval process is completely customized to your unique requirements. Our system uniquely allows for employees to electronically request changes to their timesheet, managers can approve and the timesheet is updated immediately. Fully audited and 100% accurate. Timesheet submissions can occur automatically or employee initiated. Timesheet approvals can flow through your own unique workflow.

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