Talent Management

IPS Talent Management

Manage, Develop and engage your workforce through the employee lifecycle

IPS 360° Talent Acquisition:

Our talent acquisition solution helps your organization source, track, and evaluate quality talent so you can build an engaged, high-performing workforce more efficiently and cost effectively. This powerful solution automates and streamlines recruiting and hiring processes to support a paperless human capital management (HCM) environment. It provides a positive applicant experience that makes it easy for candidates to fill out information, search for jobs, and apply online. And because the solution is part of our single, unified HCM platform, applicant information flows seamlessly into the employee record upon hire for reduced administrative effort and a single source of truth.

IPS 360° Performance Management

Find out how we help eliminate complex, paper-based forms and streamline the performance review process

IPS 360° Performance Management

The solution makes it easy to create, assign, and complete assessments based on defined criteria and automate the review cycle to reflect established processes. Alerts and reminders keep form submission and approvals on track for more timely review completion. Even more important, it enables you to define cascading goals and track progress throughout the year — not just at annual review time — to measure how employee performance affects business outcomes and to support effective coaching and development.

IPS 360° Talent Management Electronic Onboarding

Set the right tone with your Workforce from Day 1 – Have them complete their W-4’s, I-9’s,
Benefits Enrollment, Document sign offs, et cetera all electronically.

IPS Talent Management Key Features

Talent Management Options to Engage and Develop your workforce

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Job Board Integration & Source Tracking
  • Applicant Self-Service
  • Traditional & Video Resume Uploads
  • Applicant Pre-Screening Questionnaire Interview
  • Workflow Employment/Reference/Income Verification
  • Pre-Built Recruitment Reports
Background Checks
  • Initiate background screenings without leaving your IPS application
  • Results are delivered directly back into the application providing unprecedented ease of use and convenience
  • Employees are able to authorize screening digitally and to view their results directly on screen or can download them for their reference
  • Clients are able to incorporate this important functionality as one of the steps in new hire management process or can establish consistent recurring practices based on their business needs
  • Multiple screening packages to address different roles
  • New Hire Checklist/Welcome/Workflow
  • Personal Information
  • I-9 Submission/Sign Off/E-Verify®
  • W-4 Election/Submission
  • Employee Self-Service Benefits Overview & Enrollment
  • Update Employee Skills
  • Property Allocation
  • Manager Self-Service Workflow
  • Integration with E-Verify® Program provided by U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Complete your Company Registration, and required E-Verify training without leaving your IPS application
  • Request E-Verify checks through a few clicks of your mouse
  • E-Verify check results are returned and stored within your IPS application indefinitely
  • Reduces your exposure to audits and penalties from I-9 violations
Performance Management
  • Performance Appraisal Definitions
  • Measure Competencies, Goals, Core Values
  • Prior Performance Reporting
  • Employee Self-Service Employee Self-Assessment
  • Manager Self-Service Multiple-Manager Assessment
  • Review Workflow
  • View to Incidents & Discipline
  • Mentoring Management Leadership & Succession Planning
  • Simpler User Experience – Fully Integrated & Directly Accessible Within Workforce Management Platform
  • Find Precise Pay Needed To Hire/Retain Talent – Not Risking Loss Of Talent By Underpaying, Or Affecting Bottom Line By Overpaying
  • Access One Of World’s Largest Employee Databases, With 36+ Million Salary Profiles
  • Generate Specific, Accurate & Downloadable Reports – Use 14,000 Job Titles & 250 Compensable Factors For Specific, Customized Market Match To Position
Tax Credit
  • On Average 20% Of New Hires Qualify For Tax Credits Worth Up To $9,600 Each – Ensure Every Qualified Tax Credit Is Captured
  • Stay Current With All Tax Law Credits Available And Reduce Your Company’s Tax Burden
  • Services are Success/Contingency Fee Based Only – If Nothing Is Found, Nothing Is Owed
  • Types of Incentives Supported:
    • Work Opportunity & Welfare To Work Tax Credits
    • Geographic-Based Credits
    • Disaster Relief Tax Credits
    • Indian Employment Credit
    • State Tax Credits
Leave Manager
  • Complete Automation – One Click Leave Availability/Eligibility, And Fully Automated Leave Frequency/Duration
  • Automated Electronic Administration Of Leave Eligibility And Requirements
  • Provides Tools Preventing Ineligible/Unauthorized Time Off
  • Built-In Notifications Ensures Employees Return On time
  • Ensures Policies Are Consistently/Accurately Enforced Across Entire Organization
  • Real-Time Updates On Eligibility And Case Activity Dramatically Saves Time And Reduces Potential Errors
Succession Planning
  • Access performance and gather feedback on an ongoing basis
  • Understand retention risks and identify high-performing individuals
  • Create flexible, comprehensive, and executable succession plans
  • Integrated into your IPS Performance Management process
  • Instantly view strengths and opportunities via the embedded Talent Matrix charting

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