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Bull Moose Tube Company

“Janet is great, and having a single point of contact is by far the most unexpected and widely appreciated aspect. She will walk me through something, or show me what I need to do. Janet will often will fix something for me right as I’m on the phone with her. Understandably projects that take time are placed on her to-do list, but quick fixes are normally done on spot and on the fly, enabling me to do what I need to accomplish. Granted, there are times she is not in the office or otherwise unavailable, but even the “back-up” support team has been helpful and knowledgeable about or business and our needs. If they do not know an answer they will say so and find out what is needed, or what to do instead of guessing. The best part is they really will get back with you. Beyond the excellent service we’re provided, the system helps us be more efficient with our payrolls as well. Prior to initiating payroll, we analyze Earning Codes, in addition to monetary amounts and hours. By checking the earnings codes can we be assured of accuracy. It’s far more efficient to prevent errors than to correct them, and being able to check these figures in real time as many times as needed is quite helpful to our process.”

~ Gail Trautman

Brown Smith Wallace

“The IPS system is so user friendly. In fact, I have to admit I was initially panicked, for it seemed so complicated, but it’s not complicated at all. The reports are totally amazing. I can get reports I previously couldn’t with other payroll systems. I just import and email the report to whomever needs it, which saves me a lot of time scanning as well as saves a lot of paper. Most need different data in their reports, or desire one column of data and not another, but now I can save the report with their name on it and it makes creating current reports for each painless. It’s so easy to figure out. Also, I don’t have to wait a day or two to get payroll totals, as soon as they are finalized I can run the reports for our controller. And the customer service I’ve received is just excellent. Karry has been so helpful and Deb has specially customized accruals we need; it’s really made things so much simpler. I love it.”

~ Julie Foster


“The IPS Time & Collections System and Instant Payroll Preview have been incredibly helpful to us. The Payroll Preview being instant allows any corrections to be made well before the payroll is finalized. It saves both time and frustration from having to fix any possible errors after the fact. And the Time & Collections System is a helpful way for us to know when even our salaried people are using vacation time. Perhaps the most important, for those are great tools, but the relationship we have with our designated representative goes well beyond what we might have expected, and we are grateful for it.”

~ Margot Gruenewald

DEMA Engineering Company

“The IPS report writer is so easy to use and so flexible, it’s beyond what I’ve ever experienced. I can save a unique report for myself, or one to share with the others in our department, all of which are automatically created whenever we run payroll. We just love it, because we often get requests from the executives for specific information, and I know the reports are always accurate because the data is pulled directly from the system. That is quite helpful and impressive, but Janet is simply amazing! She has made our experience so wonderful and our lives so much easier. Any questions or any issues we might have, she always has an answer. She is consistently pleasant, always a professional, and extremely knowledgeable; it seems I can never stump her. Even today I called her trying to print a check and it wasn’t printing everything… She knew how to guide me through changing my printer settings so it worked. She’s always willing to help even when, like in this example, the issue was on my end.”

~ Kim Indelicato

Duke Manufacturing

“The reporting process and our ability to easily generate custom reports has made a great impact. We love being able to pull information from any point or anywhere in our process, since we are a report-heavy company this has been a lifesaver for us. Also, having a preview of our register has been huge. It’s important because being able to review payroll before it’s finalized has significantly decreased errors. Equally helpful is the ability to flag fields for special bonuses, deductions, etc. Since we used to have three separate systems before using the IPS 360° platform, now having everything in one place has been absolutely amazing. The ability to customize fields and adding new information to the system is better than we might have imagined, specifically concerning our points usage and tracking. We have been able to get information way more efficiently than in the past and having all our data within a single database, and we spend significantly less time looking for information. That is certainly valuable!”

~ Jennifer Britton

Express Mart

“IPS offers a level of client services beyond what anyone would expect. I have one assigned person to me, not a group of folks where I get bounced around. It’s so nice to easily get a hold of a knowledgeable person who either answers right then or gets back to me quickly concerning any questions I might have. I don’t get stuck within a phone system pressing this button for that or getting passed around like a hot potato. In addition, the IPS Time and Attendance and their easy reporting system has saved me so much time, it’s hard to calculate the total hours saved. They’ve also saved us in monetary ways with rounding rules on employee punches and not adding additional charges for any special reports.”

~ Greg Declue

Fabulous Fox

“Partnering with IPS has saved us a lot of time and money. The IPS Time Management syncs right into payroll and automatically calculates the hours as well as any employee’s personal time off, since any requests are automatically placed into the payroll once approved by management. The application is so robust and versatile, we can run numerous queries to create any report, even those out of ordinary needs we may have to conduct internal audits or for other purposes. I can get any needed information simply clicking a few buttons. And not least, the ability to upload files onto the IPS platform has saved us from additional expenditures or any need to use a third party Document Storage & Management service, since all our Human Resource files can be uploaded right into the IPS platform for secure and readily accessibility.”

~ Christal Rogers


“My IPS system is so easy to use it makes the payroll process much more in line and allows all of us, myself, the managers, and Judi at IPS to accomplish everything as a team. The service I receive is certainly above and beyond what I would expect. It’s great to be known by your voice alone, to be known and have a personal, dedicated representative is very important. I am never juggled or passed around as I’ve experienced in the past.”

~ Lisa Murawski

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

“Payroll isn’t necessarily difficult, especially with the ease of the IPS 360° system. Before when I used a larger conglomerate I would sit on hold and wait 30-40 minutes with each call I made for assistance. Now when I call I get a human being without being on hold forever, I feel like Donna is a part of my team and I can rely on her without fail. Most times I get assistance right on the spot, but on occasion they get back to me, but I’m hardly waiting long. Also the fact that employees can change their home address within the system, or they can print out their own past paystub when seeking a new apartment or whatever they need. It really helps that the employees have tools to handle such basics which saves me the time from having to do it for them. While the ease of use of the system is a great benefit, knowing that Donna is there to answer any tough questions I might have definitely puts my mind at ease.”

~ Ashley Green

Home Service Oil Company

“IPS offers a level of client services beyond what anyone would expect. I have one assigned person to me, not a group of folks where I get bounced around. It’s so nice to easily get a hold of a knowledgeable person who either answers right then or gets back to me quickly concerning any questions I might have. I don’t get stuck within a phone system pressing this button for that or getting passed around like a hot potato. In addition, the iPS Time and Attendance and their easy reporting system has saved me so much time, it’s hard to calculate the total hours saved. They’ve also saved us in monetary ways with rounding rules on employee punches and not adding additional charges for any special reports.”

~ Gregory DeClue

Mary Institute and Country Day School

“The system’s ease of use and versatile time and attendance method make our payroll processing much easier. An added and unexpected value for us is our Client Relations Specialist. Judi is simply wonderful. She takes time to answer our myriad of questions and guides us through our unique situations. And we have a lot of unique situations, but we never seem to stump her. ”

~ Mary Russell


“I just wanted to say what a great experience we have had with iPS!!! From implementation on, the staff at IPS has taken great pains to make sure our company’s payroll needs are being met. Leslie, Debbie, and really everyone in the office have taken the time to review things with us that are specific and unique to our company, and then find a solution to make it happen. Any time we needed a setting or code to be tailored to better accommodate and help streamline our company payroll, HR, and/or Time & Attendance, they’ve been more than willing to help us and in turn enabled us to spend less of our time and getting the maximum result. Everyone is not just knowledgeable, but extremely courteous, nice, sincere, and always puts the customer first! It truly is the staff that will keep us at iPS. Thanks Ladies!! (and Guys)”

~ Sandy Munzlinger

Lopata, Flegel & Company LLP

“Deciding to switch to a new payroll service provider is never easy. But after we decided on IPS everything was easy. IPS is one of the few vendors I can call on and get a response the same day. If Debbie is not available, she makes sure someone gets back to me. They are very team oriented at IPS.”

~ Nancy Gleb

Mai Lee Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant

“The IPS personnel is attentive and helpful in every situation, they literally handle everything with our payroll. I simply send the payroll numbers and they enter all the information into the system handling everything from employees to IRS. Sometimes things come up, and the issues are fixed at the drop of a hat. This is a huge weight off of our shoulders so we can focus on other important aspects of our fast-paced business. The employee self-service helps a lot too. My employees can look up their own information, or they can change their personal information themselves, saving me a lot of time since they no longer have to bother me for it. The system also runs various detailed reports, allowing me to pull any payroll information I need. In fact, we built a necessary FICA Tip Credit report that my accountants can easily log into the system and view. Again, taking less of my time and being less of a worry. Everyone at IPS has been very friendly and helpful. They always gets back to me the same day, I never have to wait long, if I wait at all, to get a payroll issue resolved. They’re just great!”

~ Qui Tran

Metro Imaging

“IPS has indeed made the complex simple. First, it is great having training and support at a local level, they have been very responsive and it helps to develop a relationship. Empowering us and management to more easily and accurately track floating employees across various locations and varying shifts as well as easily maintaining a point system that tracks tardiness, absences, hours worked, etc. The IPS system allocates salary costs accurately with little effort, and indicates when disciplinary actions should be taken without our needing to manually examine external lists as had done in past. Frankly, it surprised us how well the system applied tardiness and unscheduled absences to our “Points” System, it’s awesome. Also, the ability to process the payroll from anywhere gives us real peace of mind. When we were in Ireland we were able to approve the payroll and not miss a beat, which was comforting and allowed us to enjoy our trip without worry of how the payroll was handled.”

~ Christine M. Keefe, CPA, CMPE


“IPS is far more personable and hands on than any other payroll service provider I have experienced. So different from the bigger guys out there, for I get great responses on any issues encountered. It’s nice to have the ability to get something done as needed, instead of having to wait for a response. The flexibility of IPS and their staff is an immeasurable benefit for us.”

~ Greg Miller


“Now that our employees can sign in themselves and see their own pay history, and their historical paychecks, it has been such a HUGE time saver for us in Human Resources. It’s this level of employee self-reliance that made such a difference than what we’ve done in the past. Yet, the biggest help in managing our payroll is that I can call upon Karry. It’s so wonderful to have a single point of contact, one person who is highly familiar with us and how we do things, and with such shocking responsiveness. There’s been many times I’ve called at 4:58pm and she is THERE and will help me through my issue, and I never seem to stump her.”

~ Kwofe Coleman


“IPS 360° has increased our payroll processing efficiency and flow tremendously. Employees have the ability to examine how much vacation time they have available to them, which saves the HR managers from needing to do so. Also, the time-off request feature within the system and employee calendar accessibility easily opens up the line of communication between management and employees. Employees now have easier access to company documents like the handbook or company policies. Also, managers have can retrieve employee personal documents such as past quarterly performance reviews and soon these reviews will be done online, saving more time for everyone. IPS 360° helps me directly as well, since I now have all the time sheet information updated and readily available when I am ready to run payroll. I do not have to figure out or find missing in/out points, since management has access to the time sheets and can update and correct them immediately – Now it’s a streamlined process and the level of support and service I receive from IPS is simply exceptional.”

~ Chris Vollenweider

Orlando Banquets

“Coray Grove and IPS came highly recommended. Upon meeting with them and seeing their proposal of what they could do for us we decided to switch even though changing payroll services is a very big deal and can be quite stressful. We worked diligently to be prepared for a January transition date. The ladies at IPS are absolutely amazing. They were incredibly patient with me and helped me design everything to precisely what I needed from top to bottom and never once did I feel a bother to them. As with anything new, I needed guidance and they helped me transition through painlessly. Every time I call I get instant answers and they know exactly what I need and what I mean being my single point of contact. The larger national companies would get me to a different person each and every time and I would need to start over in explaining any issue. IPS tailors to your business and they understand what I do and why it needs to be laid out in a certain way. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend IPS, and I would do it all over again.”

~ Andrea Orlando

Penta Engineering

“After many years of struggling to get a correct payroll processed with one of your company’s competitors, it has been a pure joy to work with the IPS staff. In the 20 months since we’ve converted to IPS’s system, every question, issue, or problem that has arisen has been handled by your staff timely, courteously and with the utmost level of professionalism. I see no reason that we would ever want to change our payroll provider again!”

~ Stephanie Annan

Starlight Theatre

“IPS has been a great help with systematizing our time keeping. The fact that IPS is a web-based system has eliminated all those paper cards we used to have to manually load into payroll. This has increased our efficiency greatly as well as allowed our managers access from anywhere and at any time day or night. Our production workers for example might work until 4 o’clock in the morning. How time is captured now means managers can easily load their employee’s hours and any related spreadsheet or notes electronically long before our office opens, and we could then examine those uploads while they’re still sleeping. It has given us greater flexibility and more easily fits our never-ending workforce, for everyone works variable hours. IPS timekeeping is already so much more efficient and has helped a great deal.”

~ Brenda Mortensen

Varsity Tutors

“IPS has been an outstanding payroll partner. Their responsiveness, reliability and best-in-class web application have been instrumental in helping us scale the payroll and benefits side of our business. Their web-based system blows every other payroll system we’ve ever seen out of the water, reducing the amount of time it takes us to do payroll by 75%. IPS helped us significantly reduce our costs while simultaneously allowing us to operate a completely paperless and more efficient operation. If you need a highly scalable payroll system and appreciate personalized service, I highly recommend IPS.”

~ Chuck Cohn

Willows Way

“The system is very user friendly and the people are always willing to help and go the extra mile. They’re there when we need them. We just started using IPS’ telephony system (call in electronic time sheets) and it’s made my working life a million times easier. I used to have to enter all the information in manually, but now it’s so easy and such a time saver. In fact, IPS had to create a special scheduling category “Overnight Stipend” just for us… Simply brilliant!”

~ Darlene Dixon

Youth In Need

“The IPS payroll system is so user friendly, I only needed a single training session and I was able to process payroll. Although it is easy to use, it’s also surprisingly robust. We utilize many aspects of the payroll system and recently started using their HR system. Beyond that, it’s nice to have a single point of contact and not be put on hold waiting to talk to some random rep. Judi knows the ins and outs of our company, since she works with us on a day to day basis. Her vast knowledge is comforting and she’s always so helpful. Whatever the challenge we give her, she can find some solution.”

~ Rosalie Clayton

Focal Pointe

“I will be the first to admit that when I heard we were going to take on a new payroll program ………..I cringed (even though this was partially my decision).  After being through 3 other payroll programs I was not looking forward to having to go through the rough patches of learning and tweaking everything to get it set up right for us.

I just want to thank you and all your staff for making this the most easy and seamless transition possible!  Everyone at my office is still laughing at me when I tell them how much I love your company!  I can’t say enough about how friendly and helpful everyone is.  I can’t believe how fast everyone responds to my needs.  I ALWAYS get return phone calls or emails in the fastest time frame possible.  For instance today, I asked Karry, our rep, for a report and had one at my fingertips within 15 minutes.

Your program is easy to use, and easy to modify for our company.  You have a good variety of reports and are able to create reports very quickly.

I would like to compliment your business and staff on a job well done.  I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you again for making my life easier!!”


- Laureen McGinthy

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